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Stock Market Movies

Any movies are made on stock markets. These kinds of movies are proved to be one of the best motivating sources for investors. We are going to see some best stock market movies and stock exchange movies.

What is Mid Cap Stocks ?

Mid-cap stock fund is a type of stock fund which capitalizes its money in mid-sized companies with the capital ranging from $2 billion to $10 billion in market cap. It is calculated by multiplying the number of company’s shares outstanding by the price of the stock.

How is Share Price Affected ?

Everyone knows that the price of share changes every time. The price of share changes due to forces of demand and supply.

How does Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and George Soros invest

Warren Buffett is not a new name in the field of investment. He is globally known as an investment guru and a top investor till date. Same goes for peter Lynch and George Soros.

More on Stock Broker Salary, Commission, Courses

Stock broker are those individuals who buy and sell stocks and other securities for clients; both the individual investor possessing shares of a given security and organizations which pool large sums of money and invest those sums in securities.

What is Disability Pension?

Disability pension is a kind of pension given to the kinds of people who are permanently or temporarily unable to work because of physical or mental disability. It can also be explained as a retirement amount which is paid to an individual who hold disability pension plan and fulfills the requirement for receiving monetary benefits.

What is Leveraged Buyout and its Example

Purchase of another company or its assets using a huge amount of borrowed money, bonds, shares, and loans to meet the charge of possession in Leveraged buyout. Typically, the properties of company being purchased are used as collateral for the loans in addition to the assets.

What is Venture Capital Funding ? Firms, Australia, USA

Venture capital funding or financing is a private equity capital provided to early stages companies with high-potential. Venture capital receives money by possessing equity in the company it mobilizes its capital in.

What is Return on Investment Formula? Calculation on ROI Formula?

Return on investment is a performance measuring tool which evaluates the efficiency of a single investment as well as contrasts the efficiency of numerous investments. This determines whether the company is using its resources efficiently or not.

Buying and Selling Shares in the Market/ How to invest in Shares

Ownership of some part of organization’s interest is share and the people who own it are known as shareholders. Acquisition of shares of a corporation doesn’t necessarily mean that the shareholders will get direct control over the business operations.