Venture capital funding or financing is a private equity capital provided to early stages companies with high-potential. Venture capital receives money by possessing equity in the company it mobilizes its capital in. These kinds of investments are typically characterized by high-risk and high return opportunities. In the past this system was only available to professional venture capitalists but right now, it is available to every small business in early stages which hold great prospects.  

Venture capital holds huge risk than most of the other investments and the return on venture funds are unexceptional. While the returns are unexceptional, the estimates of return on venture capital can be misleading as they only reveal the firms that are acquired by another company.

Those investors who are willing to invest their capital in setting up a venture or to support small companies with great prospects that look forward for expanding and do not have access to public funds are called venture capitalists. Venture capitalists hold flexible work schedule and control large amount of capital and also have wonderful autonomy. Being a venture capitalist is not an easy job and so is getting venture capital jobs.  

Acquiring a job in Venture capital is hard as there are a lot of smart, potential, qualified and eager people who try their best to get jobs in Venture capital but at the same time there are very few jobs. Most of the venture capitals are profoundly biased towards limited number of top schools.

UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Spain are the top trending countries in venture capital; apart from these countries, USA and Australia are trending countries in VC. There are over fifty venture capitals in America. Australia has been offering alluring investment opportunities and early stage investment support. There are numerous venture capital organizations in the city of Melbourne. 


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