Stock Market Movies

Many movies are made on stock markets. These kinds of movies are proved to be one of the best motivating sources for investors. We are going to see some best stock market movies and stock exchange movies. Most of the movies about stock market are made in Hollywood, so let us look at the best Hollywood movies on stock market.

“Boiler Room” was released in the year 2000 starring Vin Diesel and is based on stock markets. ”Trading Places”, starring Eddie Murphy, released on 1983 is based on stock markets mixed with comedy and it is worth a watch. “The wolf of wall street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, released in the year 2013 is story based n the life of Jordan Belfort, his rise and fall. “Trader” released on 1987 deals with a young hedge fund manager before the stock market crash in 1987. “Enron: The smartest guys in the room”, released on 2005 deals with the end of Enron because of the biggest corporate bankruptcy in the history of USA.

“The pursuit of Happiness” released in the year 2006 starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith talks about Chris Gardner’s life story and is one of the top stock market movies. “Other people’s money” released on 1991, “rogue trader” released in the year 1999 deals with story of Nick Lesson. “Inside Job” released in the year 2010 is the Oscar winner of best documentary in 2010; this film has shown the causes of crisis and is important for students studying MBA.  “Trader” released on 1987 features Hedge Fund legend Paul Tudor Jones and his real life story.  The movie “Wall Street” release in the year 1987 is the best classic movie on Wall Street. Michael Douglas won the Oscar for the best actor for the role of Gordon Gekko.These are some of the top stock market movies of all the time and watching these kinds of movies is surely going to boost up the viewers’ understanding regarding the subject matter.

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