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Nancy Juvonen is an American producer of famous movie series Charlie's Angel. Nancy Juvonen also has a production company which she shares with partner Drew Barrymore. Till now she has produced more than dozens of famous movies. Nancy is the wife of famous Jimmy Fallon whom she has been married to since 2007.

  • Date of Birth:

    18 May 1967

  • Married To:

    Jimmy Fallon

Personal Life

Nancy Juvonen met her husband Jimmy Fallon through Drew Barrymore. They have two kids through surrogate.

Nancy Juvonen was born on 18 May 1967. She is the native of Marin County, California, United States of America.  She is said to descent and is the daughter of William H. Juvonen, an aviation industry executive. She was raised up in California and Connecticut with her brother Jim Juvonen.  She is currently in her fifties and lives with her husband and kids. Her husband is eight years younger than her age.

After high school education, she enrolled at the University of Southern California and graduated in sociology and cooperative education. Later shifting to San Francisco Nancy then started a company and named it Clarence Clemons. Nancy Juvonen practices Chrisitan religion. 

Nancy Juvonen is married to, The Late Night show host, Jimmy Fallon. This couple met when they were working for Fever Pitch. Jimmy was introduced to Nancy by Drew Barrymore, her production partner. After knowing each other for almost two years in 2007 they began their love life and got married the same year on 22 December. Their wedding took place on Necker Island in the Caribbean.

Even with some hard and unstable years, this couple welcomed their first baby girl on 23 July 2013. They named their first daughter Winnie who was born through a surrogate. Their second baby boy Frances Cole was born a year later via Gestational Surrogacy too.


Professional career

Nancy Juvonen had produced many incredible movies in her production career

Nancy Juvonen has listed her name in the most brilliant producer of Hollywood with her hard work. She and her partner Drew have already produced many remarkable unforgetful works together. Some of her incredibly well-known movies including Charlie's Angel, How to be single, and 50 First Date.

Nancy before stepping to Hollywood worked as a flight attendant at a dude ranch in Wyoming. She also worked as an artist who was active to eradicate vagrancy. While working for the entertainment industry she first was an assistant to Clarence Clemons.

In 1993, she met Drew Barrymore through her brother Jim Juvonen, a writer as well as producer. Afterward, the two founded Flower Films. The partnership of Nancy and Barrymore took the production company to a different height. Nancy Juvonen and Drew Barrymore has shared wonderful photos together in their albums. 


Nancy's Net worth and source of Income

Nancy Juvonen's net worth can be counted in millions of dollars

Nancy Juvonen has touched the height of success where her net worth is around 20 million USD. She has been able to accumulate her income from all successful movies she has produced including Charlie's Angel, 50 First Date and How to be single.

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