Meadow Walker is the daughter of legend Paul Walker who lost his life in the horrible car crash in November of the year 2013. Going through the social media sites of Meadow Walker we can surely say that she missed her dear father a lot. She started her work when she was just 18 and has already owned a place in the modeling industry.


  • American
  • 4 November 1998
  • Model
  • Paul Walker
  • California

Meadow Walker moved to California to spend more time with her father

Meadow Walker misses her father unconditionally

Meadow Walker is very much active on her social media sites

Meadow Walker is very much active on her social media sites and more information can be extracted from Wikipedia of her late father.

Meadow Walker has become a very responsible person in her early age. She is taking care of the Paul Walker Foundation which works in handling the environmental issues. It is said that Paul Walker was very much concerned about this issue. She has also signed a contract to Women's Management n New York. Meadow Walker net worth is yet to be calculated.

She is also very active in different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in which she shares pictures of herself hanging out with the Fast & Furious co-stars of her father as well as enjoying vacations with her friends. As Meadow Walker is just at her mid-teenage, she might not have any boyfriend or be dating anyone as there is now news regarding it. But, being so beautiful and friendly, she may have a lot of fans especially boys.



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