Jussie Smollett wiki, ethnicity,girlfriend

Jussie Smollett is a very talented, skilled, handsome man who is an American Actor, singer and also a photographer, is born in 1983 in 21st July and I great guy. Smollett has ton’s of fans in facebook, twitter, instagram and alos in tumblr infact Smollett is famous through out the states. Smollett started as a child actor, Smollett co started in many films and short movies such as The Mighty duck, the move North and many more. Smollett is great guy and talented as Smollett in the year 2015 is starting as Jamal Lyon in the Fox Musical prime time in the Soap Opera that the Empire. Smollett I a very hard working guy with great skill in photography o he has many idea about videography which he knows how to appear in the camera angle which will give a great shot.

  • Height:

    182 cm

  • Date of Birth:


  • Married To:

    Not yet

  • Social Media

Smollett (bio) is originally from the Santa Rose which is located in California and it’s one of the state of USA, Smollett has three brother and two sisters in hi family and his parents of course. Smollet has many fan and he is recognized every where when he goes somewhere. Smollett just turned 31 years old  and I soon going to turn 32 year of age in the coming month of July. Smollett has great smile and body hot men body shape, Smollett is dating Raven Symone who is also a actress and also I living with a remour that he is gay but only was a remour due to hi gay acting in the tv show.

Smollett relation ship is still hidden now even he has girlfriend and heard that they are married and has a child (baby) who is a son, and is not seen publicly, Smollett is hard working person with a mixed Ethnicity of black hair and dark eye color which perfectly matches him.


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