We all people like knowing about many popular faces as well as celebrities whom we have been seeing almost daily on the TV screen or in various kinds of magazines and in newspapers. Maybe, we have been knowing about their life from the gossip pages and we may also have been their fans through a very long period.

They play a very important part of our daily life and they also play the huge role in our lives to fill entertainment and excitement. One among them is Hugh Hewitt who is an American Radio Talk Show host and an author. Additionally, he is also a law professor at the Chapman University School of Law and he is also a regular political commentator on CNN and MSNBC.

Now let us get some more familiar with Hewitt’s personal life biography that has been obtained from different sources. Hugh Hewitt is the native of Ohio, United States of America. He has now reached at age of 60 and he came into this world on 22nd February of the year 1956. His parents are Marguerite and William Robert Hewitt.

He went to study at the John F. Kennedy Catholic High School. After that, he attended Harvard University from where he graduated cum laude with B.A. in Government in 1978. Later, he worked as the ghostwriter for Richard Nixon in New York and California before he studied at University of Michigan Law School.

Later, Hugh returned to California in the year 1989 to oversee the construction of Richard M. Nixon Library as the executive director of the library. The next year, he sparked the controversy by proposing the screening of the researchers wishing to use library resources. When Hugh left the library to practice law, he started a weekend radio show for Los Angeles radio station called KFI.

There, he broadcast from late 1990 till 1995. Apart from that, he is also the author of various books such as The Queen, The Happiest Life, Searching For God in America, First Principles, Blog, Painting the Map Red, The Embarrassed Believer and many other.

Hugh Hewitt has been active in this field since 1983 and it is sure that during these long period, he must have won multiple fans and followers in his career. Despite that, it is so important for all celebrity to create a virtual image and also goodwill nowadays days by interaction with the fans on different social media.

He has over millions of the followers on his Facebook and Twitter account. But he does not seem to have a page on Instagram. He also has a page in Wikipedia and IMDb and we can also follow him on those websites for staying more updated about what’s happening in his personal and professional life.

A talented talk show host, Hewitt has reached the height of success. He is married to his wife named Betsy Hewitt. the pair tied their knot with each other in 1982. they are very understanding and caring so there have not been any difficulties in their marriage. Apart from that, Hewitt is very much focused on his career and his net worth is estimated to be in millions. 


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