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Ed Henry, an American broadcast journalist, as well as a senior White House correspondent for Fox News Channel, is currently married to his wife named Shirley Hung. Previous to that, he was also the moderator of CNN Inside Politics Broadcast when Robert Novak stormed off set on 4th August of 2005 during the live discussion with James Carville about Katherine Harris' the Florida Republican Representative just announced the 2006 bid for US Senate. During his career till now, Henry has earned a huge amount of salary and his net worth is not disclosed.

Ed Henry is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on television screen whom we have known and are seeing daily. Some of us may be his fan for a long time as well as may want to have more information regarding him. Some of us also may be having information regarding Henry's professional and personal life from different gossip pages, newspapers as well as magazines. He is currently based in Fox's Washington, D.C. bureau.

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Henry's bio which has been obtained from various sources. He is the native of Queens, New York, United States of America. He was born on 20th July of the year 1971 which has now made him reach the age of 45. He attended the Siena College and got graduated from there in 1995 with Bachelor's Degree in English.

At the beginning of his career, Henry started with Jack Anderson. After that in 2003, he started providing the political analysis for WMAL Morning News as well as The Chris Core Show. Additionally, he was also the moderator of CNN Inside Politics Broadcast. After covering White House for CNN since March of 2006, he was elevated to the senior position in December of 2008. Additionally, he was also one of the three CNN correspondents at White House together with Brianna Keilar and Dan Lothian. It was on 20th June 2011 when it was announced that Henry would leave the CNN for becoming Chief White House Correspondent for the Fox News Channel. On 4th May 2016, according to the Fox News spokeswoman, he was reported to be taking a temporary leave.

Apart from that, he had also received 2005 Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for the distinguished reporting of congress from National Press Foundation. He had also provided breaking news coverage for the America Votes 2004 of America and an exclusive March 2005 interview along with Jeb Bush about the inability to intercede of Florida Governor for Terri Schiavo. In 2008, White House Correspondent's Association presented Ed with Merriman Smith Award for a presidential report under the deadline pressure.

Apart from that, Henry is currently married to his wife Shirley Hung who is a senior producer for CNN. The pair exchanged their vows with each other in June of 2010 and their wedding ceremony was held at Society Cafe Encore Las Vegas which included 22 layer chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting which was an elaborate replica of White House weighing 70 pounds. Besides, Ed has been earning huge amount of salary and his net worth has not been disclosed but we can guess his net worth be in millions.

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