Dina Powell is the Deputy National Security Advisor of United States to President Donald Trump. Dina Powell is a business executive, a philanthropist and a former U.S. policymaker.

She was the head of the Goldman Sachs’ Impact Investing business, global head of the corporate engagement and the president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation.

The other prestigious post she held before was being the Assistant to the President the Presidential Personnel in the George W. Bush administration and also as an Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Deputy Undersecretary of Public Affairs and the public Diplomacy for the US Government and a senior staff member at White House.



  • American
  • 1973
  • Businessperson, Policy Maker,
  • Married
  • Two
  • Richard Powell
  • Christian
  • Cairo, Egypt

Know about Dina Powell's personal life and education

Dina Powell was born in the year 1973 and is the native of Cairo, Egypt. Dina Powell was raised in a middle-class Coptic Christian family. Her father used to serve as the caption of the Egyptian Family. Later, Dina with her family along with her younger sister moved to Dallas, Texas.

As an immigrant, she wasn’t quite fluent in English conversation however quickly caught the phase when she entered into school. After several years of living in the United States, Dina and all of her other member of the family became the permanent citizen of the country.

Dina attended Ursuline Academy of Dallas and finished her schooling in the year 1991. She then completed her graduation at the University of Texas, Austin in Bachelor in Liberal Arts Plan I honors program in 1995.

She studied humanities, political science, criminology, and sociology. During her college period, she was also the member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. It has been said that she studied on her own by working for two Republican of the Texas State Senate as a legislative Assistant.

Dina Powell's short bio married life, husband, and children

Dina Powell started as a legislative assistant when she was a student at Texas University

Dina Powell is the follower of Republic party

'I grew up in a household that was very Republican. Very pro-Reagan. And it's interesting how much of impression such things have on you, even as a young child. But I think when I started to work with Republicans I realized that I agree with the views of personal empowerment, of less government involvement, of having the ability to talk about things without the government necessarily being involved,' Cosmopolitan.

Dina while serving under Bush administration was the top-ranking Arab-American however she left the government in the year 2007. She shifted her career and became the first director of Goldman Sachs, an American multinational finance company.  Later she became the partner as well as the president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation. 



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