Cheryl Reeve

Cheryl Reeve is one of the most powerful members of the Women's National Basketball Association. She is the current head coach of the Minnesota Lynx, the professional women's basketball team. She has several years of basketball coaching experience that has eventually led her to be the WNBA Coach of the year for several times. She can be found on Twitter

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Personal Life

Cheryl Reeve did major in computer science and interned in IRS but later found her interest in basketball. Cheryl Reeve and her husband got separated after 22 years of her married life as they were dealing with several issues.

Cheryl Reeve was born on 20 September 1966 in Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America and she had a family of five, father, mother, older brother, young brother.

Having a major in computer science at LaSalle, Cheryl did her first internship in IRS located in Philadelphia. She later realized that she wasn’t made for that job and joined as a first full coach at George Washington.

Cheryl Reeve married Daniel P. Reeve in the year 1985. She and her financier husband later got divorced in 2007, after 22 years. There were many issues relating to her married life even after the divorce. This couple has a son named Oliver Reeve. The matter was related to the money for the child and partner support.

According to the CTV news, husband Daniel P. Reeve was supposed to pay $18,000 per month, however, later he agreed to pay installments as Cheryl wanted to. After a certain period of time, Cheryl drafted a complaint about not paying the installments in time. She also claimed about her unpaid due which she led to ex-husband Daniel. Cheryl Reeve stands tall at the height of five feet and few inches that suit her in the basketball court. 


Professional Life

Cheryl Reeve first started for WNBA as an assistant staff and later became the coach of the team. She became the head coach of Minnesota Lynx in 2009 where she has won best coach award. Cheryl and her team have even had their trip to the White House after winning WNBA Championship.

Cheryl Reeve debuted in WNBA in 2001 at the age of 35 with Charlotte Sting. She was the assistant staff when she joined the team. Right after the arrival of this skilled basketball player the team was blessed with high fortune and turned the thing over. The team started becoming more advanced making high scores. 

The following year Anne Donovan, the previous head coach, left the team then Cheryl Reeve was chosen as the best coach. Prior to joining WNBA, she has also served as the head coach at the Indiana State in Terre Haute. She stayed in Indiana for four years, from 1995 till 1999. She also spent her five seasons as assistant coach at the George Washington. Cheryl also gathers the experience of coaching at the Indiana State for few years.

Later, she was named as the head coach of Minnesota Lynx on 8 December 2009. In 2011, the Lynx improved dramatically which made her earn WNBA Coach of The Year Award in her 2nd year as head coach at the professional level. The team Minnesota Lynx was seen in the White House, their trip to the Whitehouse was the trip after winning the WNBA Championship.


Net Worth and Salary

Cheryl Reeve has been active in the coaching career since 1988 and it’s sure that during this period, she had earned multiple of fans and followers in her career. Even at her 50's, she can beat tons of young players.

Spending splendid years being the coach for many of the brilliant basketball team we can say for sure that she earns a good sum of salary and has high digits net worth.


Social Media

Cheryl Reeve does not seem to be on many social networking sites except Twitter. There are several updates of her coaching career and even many articles on sports.

It looks as if Cheryl is not quite a social networking lady. She does not have her Facebook or Instagram account. She only uses Twitter and makes regular updates on it. There are several tweets related to her works as well as inspirational articles related to sports.

We can also have a regular post of the games of Minnesota Lynx.


News and Updates

Cheryl Reeve recently came into the spotlight when Minnesota Lynx got victory over Seattle Storm by 93-82. She also gave an interview to StarTribune in this late July talking about the improvement that the team has been making.

In the interview she gave, Cheryl appealed media to make more coverage on women's sports. She wants media as well as people to be interested in women's sports as they are interested in men's.  Regarding her team, she confessed that it is harder to stay on the top for many years but her team will try to maintain it. 

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