If you have kids around who love watching Nickelodeon channel, ask them who Frankie Hathaway, Tomika and Zoey is. You'll be surprised how popular Breanna Yde, the young actress who plays all these three characters is. Let's find out more about Breanna Yde, currently 13 years of age, through the brief bio compiled below.

Born in Sydney, Australia on 11th June 2003, Breanna grew up in American cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Her full name is Breanna Nicole Yde, and she is currently 4 feet 9 inches tall. She is of mixed ethnicity being half-Filipino and holds the dual nationality of both Australia and the USA. Born as the youngest of six siblings (four of which are grown up), Breanna's father works in the media sector. We are not sure who her mother is, and about her parents, it is only the father that we know of. She also has a pet dog named Snowflake and loves playing tennis, golf, and basketball. She has an interest both in acting and music and is, therefore, studying acting alongside piano, vocals, and guitar. We hope that someday, Breanna will be known not only as a child actress but also as a popular movie/TV star and musician in her own right.

Known as the little girl with the raspy voice, Breanna played Frankie Hathaway on The Haunted Hathaways, a TV series that played on Nickelodeon in 2013 to 2014. This show was very successful and drew about 3.3 million viewers since it's debut on 13th July 2013. The show is about a mom and her two daughters who move to a new house, only to find that a father and his two sons are ghosts who haunt the building. They decide to live together like a family, all the while driving each other nuts.

In the same channel in 2014, she had a TV film titled Santa Hunters where she portrayed the character Zoey. In School of Rock, a TV show that is on Nickelodeon since 2016, she plays the role of Tomika. She can also be seen in other films or shows on Nickelodeon, like Instant Mom, The Dark Prophecy and the upcoming animated series The Loud House. She also appeared alongside Francesca Capaldi, another child artist, on the famous CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

She already has over thirty-seven thousand followers on Twitter and over four thousand followers on Instagram. She keeps posting a lot of updates regularly, so make sure you follow her on these social media sites to stay updated on her personal and professional life.

According to famous birthdays.com, Breanna's popularity can be seen through different statistic reports: #4 among celebrities born on 11th June, #661 most popular person, #10 among actors that are 12 years old, #16 among those born in Australia, #1 among those named Breanna, #6 among those born in Sydney, Australia, #2 actress from Australia, and #6 among actresses who have Gemini as their zodiac sign.

Many would be confused regarding how to pronounce Breanna's last name, but that isn't so difficult at all. Her last name Yde is to be pronounced as “EE-dee,” as in bee or see.



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