Ben Hanisch

Ben Hanisch is a creative furniture designer who is mostly known for dating Amy Schumer. Ben previously was an actor who decided to became a businessman and entered into the designing sector. The combo of Ben and Amy is one of the most popular love duos of the Hollywood.  Ben Hanisch and Amy Schumer were seen in many events and even birthday parties. And were appreciated by many too, however, they decided to get split after dating for almost two years. 

Ben Hanisch is the graduate from University of Utah

Ben completed his university in the year 2007 from the University of Utah. According to Heavy, Ben Hanisch bio included graduation with a degree in marketing, business, and management. As he was very much interested in acting right after his graduation he worked for two years in Salt Lake City for Vita Brevis Films.

The main job of Ben there was as a production assistant. He also edited videos and operated camera there.

Besides, Ben Hanisch has also made his career in snowboarding. He was a pro snow skater during his time in Utah. In the magazine Five O' Clock, Ben was described to be a furniture fixer, aspiring actor as well as a hockey player. "In reality, Hanisch is many things besides an entrepreneur: hockey player at Johnny's Ice House, a photographer who does all of his own product visuals, and an actor (he spent all his money on acting classes upon moving back to Chicago.


Ben Hanisch's 'The Last Workshop' is the second furniture design company

Ben Hanisch is the founder of the furniture design shop which is named as The Last Workshop' he founded it in the year 2013. Multiple of his pieces include simple yet modern tables, dressers as well as other living pieces. Before this, he co-founded Project Sunday which was a custom furniture brand. The company was established in 2010 for Patrick Designs.

'The Last Workshop' is the second company he formed. In the company's official website, 'The Last Workshops was founded by Ben Hanisch, who has previously worked in various wood and fabrication shops, photography studios, design studios, and also as a design consultant. His dedication to design has cultivated a thorough understanding and appreciation of the work, and has refined his eye for brand and product development.'


Ben Hanisch is also a brilliant photographer

Apart from his furniture job he is also a talented photographer. We can see many perfectly captured pictured on Ben'sInstagramm account.  We can find many eye catchy shots of Ben which will astonish you with pleasure.

Since he moved to Chicago he is in love with the city. He has posted tons of pictures from Chicago Skyline and the street scenes on his Instagram pages. As he has spent much amazing time in the city he says it to be his home and a place where he has made countless memories which he will always cherish in his life.


Ben Hanisch's and his love Amy Schumer parted away

Ben Hanisch is widely known for being the boyfriend of Amy Schumer. He is a very amazing guy who adores as well as respects his girlfriend. He has now reached the age of 30 and damn charming. However, this lovely pair Ben Hanisch and Any Schumer ended their relationship after dating for one and half year stating that even though they have ended their relationship they will always remain friends.

When this couple was in a relationship, Ben posted a picture of him and Amy quoting, "sometimes in life, you get extremely lucky and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it”. Unfortunately, this love failed before moving any further. Ben Hanisch might have Wikipedia page if had continued dated Amy Schumer but he may find other wonderful things to remain in news in days to come.

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