Ainsley Earnhardt is a journalist working for the FOX and is also a co-host for FOX and Friends First at 5AM. She is a correspondent and an anchor for the FOX News Channel and has been reporting for the FOX’s Hannity with her own segment named “Ainsley Across America”. Her bio includes the following details. She is 39 years in age; she was born in the year 1976.

She was brought up in North and South Carolina; she was born in Spartanburg. When she was young, her family moved out to Foxcroft area of Charlotte at North Carolina. She then went to Sharon Elementary School. It has been reported that other FOX News Correspondents Heather Childers and Anna Kooiman were on the same elementary school. She graduated from the Spring Valley High School in the year 1995.

After completion of her high school education, she went to Florida State University along with scholarship. She served the student body as a senator in the student’s government. She then got transferred to the University of South Carolina after she decided to pursue a degree in Journalism. She has achieved a bachelor of arts in Journalism. When she was in college, she was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She won the Carolinian Creed Award based on Character, leadership and personality and got elected in the University’s Homecoming.

She got married to Kevin Wayne McKinney in the year 2005, April. Kevin was a fellow from University of South Carolina but the couple got separated in the year 2010. She got married to Will Proctor who was a former Clemson University Quarterback.  They seem to be lading a happy family as husband and wife. 

She announced that she was going to have a baby on June 22, 2015 in the edition of Fox and Friends First. She gave birth to the child on 6th November, 2015. She is 5 feet and six inches as in her body height. 

She graduated as a top student from her faculty and was hired to work as a reporter for the WLTX-News 19. She worked there as an anchor for morning and noon. She also travelled to NYC to cover the news of South Carolina middle school students donating half a million dollars to firefighters after the attacks of 9/11. She money was used in buying a new fire truck to replace the one which was burnt.

She moved out to San Antonio in the year 2005 and then anchored the weekday’s newcasts of KENS-TV Eyewitness News This Morning which airs from 5 in the morning, till 7:30 and Eyewitness in the Noon, both of which are top rated shows. When she was in Texas, she completed the Austin, Texas half marathon and then went to skydiving with the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights and to the Air Force Academy where she flew F-16 with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Then she moved back to the New York City and started working for the Fox News Channel in the year 2007. Her net worth in the current year is estimated to be around 4 million dollars and she earns about 800 thousand dollars. 



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