Where are the tuition-free colleges in the world? The probability of attending Universities can be both intimidating and exciting especially when you have to pay a massive amount of dollars. But what if I say I have got you a plenty of tuition-free colleges.

I might have scared you cause when the cost of Universities is rising every year, you barely expect tuition-free colleges. For international students considering the possibility to earn the foreign degree, the tuition fee is the most crucial factor that they have to consider. And be aware it’s not only tuition and schooling cost that you have to think in order to study in abroad.

You need have a budget for the living as well. There are many Universities in the world which charge shocking amount of fees to foreign nationals. But what about the others? College fee is an important investment and you owe it to yourself and your family. So here we have brought you a list of Universities and colleges which don’t charge a tuition fee to the students both national and international.


Barclay College

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

U.S Air Force Academy

Berea College

Brown University

College of Ozarks

Cornell University

United States Coast Guard Academy

Webb Institute

Yale University

Vanderbilt University

Deep Springs College

Columbia University

Curtis Institute of Music

Duke University

Massachusetts Institute of technology

Alice Lloyd College

Harvard University

Texas A&M University

Stanford University


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