Sports fed come and go, it’s never the same always but football, the love, and craze for this sport is never gonna end. The sports lover are obsessed with the game and they have made it dominant than ever. It has strongly entrenched in our psyche as people are crazy to watch and play this game.

Every country has their own loved games, they support and cheer for that sports, like Cricket in Asia and Baseball in America, but football is the only sport which is watched and supported by millions of fans globally.

But you can't expect this sport to come without drama and fun because for football fans it’s a huge deal. For the world’s most watched sports, the stadium has to be huge and extravagant so let’s take a look at some of the largest stadiums in the world.


Allianz Arena

Old Trafford

The ANZ Stadium, Australia

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium

San Siro

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Wembley Stadium

Signal Iduna Park

Camp Nou


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