We all have seen bees but have we all touch and squeeze it. I guess many of us have not dared to touch any of the bees because it badly stings. Found worldwide, bees are nature’s tiny little workers which coordinate and work together to collect pollens and nectars.

Also, we have realized that if it wasn’t for these we probably would have died of hunger because they are great with pollinations of crop plants, fruits, flower and much more.

Despite knowing how crucial they are to human life, most of us failed to identify these bees. So below here we have provided you some information on different species of bees.


Honeybees (Apis mellifera)

Bumblebees (Genus: Bombus)

Carpenter Bees (Genus Xylocopa)

Mason Bees (Genus: Osmia)

Squash bees (Genera: Peponapis and Xenoglossa)

Sweat bees (Various genera)

Hoverflies (Order Diptera, family Syrphidae)

Killer bees

Blueberry bees (Habropoda laboriosa; Southeastern blueberry bee)

Leafcutter bees (Genus: Megachile)


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