Many of us have dreams and hobbies and it’s important to have them because at the end of the life you’ll have something to share, a hope, inspiration and a new meaning to live the life. You get a sense of courage and gratification while chasing the dreams, that is why we as a kids loved magic and dreams.

So if you are looking forward to a new artistic hobby that excites and enthralls you and if you have what it takes for then why not try photography. After all, depicting the movement and get it in the frame is what photography all about.

It’s always amazing to go on a mission that starts with you getting in the jet and the minute it takes off, you’ll find yourself in some unknown place, something new, something very different from what you have normally seen.

Going for a tour is a choice, a freedom and above all, it’s a lifelong experience to look the world and cultures in a beautiful way. And if the beauty is Eiffel tour or Victoria Falls, it’s the perfect time for you to snap the pictures. So, if you are creative and have been planning for the tour, it’s your chance to get into the photography. Check out our list of most amazing world tours that will certainly inspire you.


Vermejo Park Ranch

Strabo Photo Tours

andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

Quasar Expeditions Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises

Easter Island

Desert Dream

Exotic India

Big Apple

Italy’s wild west



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