Yes, we got it! Even with several attempts for healthy and clear skin, we fail to achieve it. Stubborn dark spots somehow appear when you need to look perfectly perfect.

There may be several cosmetics that can remove those spots but nothing will ever beat the natural home remedies. Why be obliged to apply those expensive harsh chemical or laser to your delicate skin when you have cost-effective methods.

 Home remedies are not just cost-effective but using a natural product for a medicinal purpose you are never bothered by the problem again. All you have to do is look in your kitchen, collect some ingredients, and get started.

Those discolored patches on your skin will be gone forever for good. Here we will be providing you 5 Best Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face'.


What are Dark Spots and it causes?

Dark Spots a are also known as hyperpigmentation which is especially due to growing age. There is no single cause that promotes dark spots. Your reason for this suffering might be different from another person. Acne, getting exposed to the sun for long hours without protection, age or even genetics also invites dark spots.

Hormonal change is also another factor: It happens when you are pregnant, having your menopause or if you have taken birth control pills. You must also be very sure that you don’t stay under the sun during these periods. The other important cause is using chemical products on your face especially facial hair removal.

Types of Dark Spots

As the cause of Dark Spots is different the types differ too. You may try to use the same prescription that your friend uses but first types must be known. Each spot have a different cause, effects, types, and medical procedures.

1. Pimple Marks

2. Lentigines

3. Melasma

4. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Spots In An Effective Way

Method 2- Lemon and Yogurt Facial Mask


Method 2 – Potato Juice with lemon

Method 3 - Potato and Honey

Aloe Vera

Method 2 – Aloe Vera, and Lemon Juice

Method 1 – Almond Oil

Method 2 – Almond oil, Milk Powder, Lime Juice, and Honey


Method 2 – Oatmeal, Gram Flour, Green Tea, and Turmeric



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