Zachary Edward Snyder who is famous by the name of Zach Snyder is an American movie maker and is known for his action and science fiction movies. He was born in the year 1966, in the month of March which makes his age 50 years at present.

He made his feature debut film with the 2004 remake of the horror movie named Dawn of the Dead which earned a huge amount and positive reviews. He has been known as the one to convert comic to movies which include 300, Watchmen, and Superman along with its parts like Man of Steel and the latest, Batman v Superman: Dawn OF Justice. His bio includes the following details.

He also is the co-founder of Cruel and Unusual Films which is a production company which he established in the year 2004 with his wife Deborah Snyder and his partner Wesley Coller.

He was born in the city of Green Bay situated at the Riverside of Connecticut. His mother Marsha Manley who was a painter and photography teacher at the DAycroft School and it was the same school Zack went later.

His father’s name is Charles Edward Snyder who used to work as an executive recruiter. He went camping Owatonna which is situated in Harrison. His mother inspired him to study painting though he already had begun his career in filmmaking. Later, Snyder went to Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena.

He uses slow motion in and out of fight scenes which were remarked by Amy Nicholson of the Box Office Magazine and she also said that it separated him from the director.

In the movie 300, where Gerard Butler is the central character, the fight sequence in the movie which was  a minute long where King Leonidas slaughters his enemies, the zooming of the camera in and out so as to emphasize the each fatality and moves made by the king is truly precise and remarkable.

He currently lives in the city of Pasadena along with his second wife Deborah Snyder. They first met each other in the year 1996 and they got married in the year 2004 at the St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church which is situated in Manhattan, in New York City.

He has eight children. The four of the eldest are from his first marriage to Denise Weber which ended up in divorce. Two of the other children are from another relationship with Kirsten Elin with whom he has been married for some time now and currently, he and his wife have adopted two children at the time of making of Man of Steel.

He has an estimated net worth of 22 million USD. He is 1.7 meters in height and his weight and body structure compliments his height and he seems to be an active social network user since he has twitter and Instagram account.

He has over 418 thousand followers on his twitter account. Though he has a twitter account he barely updates it; the last post done by him on his twitter account was from the time when Batman v Superman got released.



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