Yvonne Selke who was recently killed in a plane crash was a contractor with National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, The Pentagon’s satellite mapping office. The crash was in the Southern French Alps. Yvonne along with her daughter were killed in the crash with another person whose identification has not been released yet. Selke was the native of Nokesville, Virginia. She was at the age of 58 when she died.

Yvonne’s daughter Emily Selke went to study at the Drexel University from where she got the graduated in the year 2013. Their entire family members are saddened by the loss of Yvonne and Emily. Both of them were very wonderful, amazing as well as caring. Yvonne was a longtime as well as highly regarded employee of the Brooz Allen Hamilton Inc. that is located in Washington.

Yvonne’s friend and the co-workers circulated the photograph of her which showed a smiling and middle aged woman with the bobbed brown hair and the eyeglasses whereas the photograph of her daughter, Emily was an attractive blonde with the dark eyes and the bright smile on her face. Her friends and co-workers had described her as diligent and the generous worker who used to bring cookies to the co-workers regularly.

Both Yvonne and her daughter was the competitor in Manassas Runway Runs Marathon in the year 2014 in which she finished in 292nd place while her daughter finished in 278. There were altogether 150 passengers on board and the crash killed all of them. The spokeswoman of Booz Allen had stated that Yvonne was a wonderful coworker as well as a dedicated employee. She had worked for nearly 23 years with the company.

She went to study at the Springfield Senior High School that is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and got graduated from there in 1975. After that, he attended the Gannon University and got graduated from there in 1979. He has also been named as consistent contributor by the school. More details regarding her biography can be obtained from different internet sites. 


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