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Yu Suzuki who is a Japanese game designer, producer as well as director was born on 10th June of the year 1958. He had helmed Sega’s AM2 Team for the 18 years. He is the native of Kamaishi, Iwate, Japan. He was born as the elder among the two children top his parents who were both elementary school teacher. He has one younger sister who is named as Yuka. As a child, his interests were wide ranging. During his young age, he was encouraged by his father for having an interest in music as well as the arts. In addition to that, he also enjoyed building the numbers of model cars, robots made of the plastic blocks, and the wooden miniature houses as well as he also had the passion for drawing.

Before entering the college, he flirted with idea of going into the education having been influenced by his parents. For a period, he thought to be an illustrator and then a dentist. Seeing similarities between plastic blocks he played with during his childhood as well as architectural of electronic design, he decided that he would pursue the computer programming at Okayama University of Science. He then got graduated from there in early 1980s. In 1983, he joined Sega as programmer. During the first year, he created 2D boxing arcade gamed known as Champion Boxing that was later ported to the Sega’s first home game console SG-1000.

After that, he started working on the other arcade game that would prove to be big stepping-off point of his career. His efforts then culminated into a game Hang-On that was released in the year 1985. It was a successful as it broke the new ground in the arcade technology. He also followed with 3D-esque third person shooter game called Space Harrier. After showing the interest in the Ferraris, he created a driving simulator Out Run that he released in 1986. It was later awarded as the Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards. His later hits included jet fighting After Burner series in later 1980s as well as the roller coaster Kart racer Power Drift in 1988.

Prior to that, his other games include Space Harrier, Out Run, Super Hang-On, After Burner, After Burner II, Power Drift, Dynamite Dux, Turbo Outrun, Sword of Vermilion, G-LOC: Air Battle, GP Rider, Strike Fighter, Rent-A-Hero, F1 Exhaust Note, Virtua Racing, Soreike Kokology, Virtua Gighter, Burning Rival, Daytona USA, Virtue Cop, Virtua Fighter 2, Desert Tank, Virtua Striker, Virtua Cop 2, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 3, Virtua Fighter Kids, Fighters Megamix, Sonic the Fighters, Scud Race, Virtua Striker 2, Digital Dance Mix Vol. 1 Namie Amuro, All Japan Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua, Fighting Vipers 2, Sega Race TV, Outtrigger, Shenmue, Bullet Pirates and many more.

Apart from that, Suzuki has now reached at the age of 57. He belongs to a Japanese nationality. His net worth is not known. To get more details about his bio, he can also be followed in Instagram, facebook and twitter account. To know more about his project, as well as movies we can also found it from different sources.

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