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Wolf Issac Blitzer is known across the globe for his professionalism in journalism. He is also a television news anchor who has been a reporter to CNN starting from the year 1990; he was born in the year 1948, March 22. He currently is the host of the show named “The Situation Room and the daytime show of “Wolf”. He has been serving CNN as a lead political anchor. This renowned journalist was born in the city of Augsburg in Germany. His father’s name is David Blitzer and his mother’s name is Cesia Blitzer.

 Both of his parents were Jewish refugees and they had migrated from Oswiecim which is situated at Poland. Blitzer was brought up in the city of Buffalo in New York. He completed his high schooling from Kenmore West Senior High School and his graduation from State University Of New York where he specialized in Arts and History in the year 1970. In the year 1972, from the Johns Hopkins University School Of Advanced International Studies, he did his Masters of Arts in International Relations. When he was studying his masters, he studied abroad at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and learned the language Hebrew. He opined that he has been asked a numerous times about his name which has been taken as the name made for TV. He also revealed the truth that his surname holds his ancestral values for a long generation; his first name “Wolf” is exactly the same as his mother’s father. While he wrote at different Israeli newspapers, he used the names like “Zev Blitzer” and “Zev Barak” where Zev is the Hebrew word for “wolf” and Barak for “Lightening”.

He began his career as a journalist in the early 70s in the Reuters news agency. In the year 1973, he was hired by the editor of “Jerusalem Post”, Ari Rath where he was given the post of correspondent for English language. He worked at the Jerusalem Post up to the year 1990 where he covered developments in the Middle East and American Politics. He also contributed his time and energy for American Israel Public Affairs Committee working as an editor. His articles focused on the affairs of the Middle East which relate to United States’ Foreign Policy. In the year 1977, in the month of April, he asked an Egyptian leader named “Anwar Sadat” regarding the obstructions Egyptian athletes, journalists, and scholars had to face. Sadat, for the first time acknowledged that peace between Egypt and Israel was not impossible and replied that such visits would only be possible after the state of belligerence came to an end.

On the November of the same year, Sadat visited Israel while Blitzer covered the negotiations between those two countries. In the year 2011, he received a Doctorate on Humane Letters from Penn State University and on the same year, he received another Doctorate on Humane Letters through University of Hartford. He received the same accolade from Howard University in the year 2014. He was married to Lynn Greenfield and he along with his wife, live in the city of Bethesda Maryland; the couple has one daughter whose name is Ilana Blitzer Gendelman, who was born in the year 1981. His net worth is around 16 million dollars and has about 838 thousand followers in his twitter account at his age of 67. He earns about 3,000,000 dollars as his yearly salary.

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