An everlasting beauty Victoria Principal is an American actor, producer, and businesswoman. Despite the fact that she started her career with producer Paul Newman’s ‘The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean’, she is best known for her prominent television role on CBS soap opera ‘Dallas’. Most of the time she is also dragged in the news for her timeless beauty or has she got some special diet is the biggest question of the entire industry today too. She also runs multiple business companies which include skin care product one and jewelry.


Personal and Family Life

Victoria Principal was born on January 3, 1950, in Fukuoka Japan, to Victor Rocco Principal and Ree Veal. Having a father in the US military, she had to travel all around the world including London, and Florida, while she was born her father was placed in Japan. Her grandparents emigrated from Italy and later changed their original Principale to Principal. Her childhood wasn’t an easy going like any other kids and one can’t even imagine how hard it’s to attend 17 different schools from the globe. During her time in England, she went to Royal Ballet School.

In 1986, she graduated from South Dade Senior High School and soon got enrolled in Miami-Dade Community College to study medicine. When you are destined for a significant role, you definitely can’t win the fate and similar happened to Principal. After a major car accident back during her College, severely injured Principal decided to pursue her career in acting. She collected her honorary degree from Drexel University in 2004.

An immensely gorgeous and talented Principal has had failed relationships. She was first married to Dallas co-actor Christopher Skinner. The marriage lasted for two years and they divorced with no possibilities of getting back again. She was also linked with teen star Andy Gibb but the relationship never peaked up. She then tied the knot with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Harry Glassman on June 22, 1985. The couple spent their 20 gorgeous years together and paired up great with an excessive sign of forever relationship. However, in December 2006, they split up.

Career and Professional Life

Victoria Principal embarked into her acting career at the age of five with a couple of TV commercials. After the recovery from the accident, she moved to New York and even Europe City to try out her hands in an acting career. She went on to take a private tutor class with a professor of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Jean Scott in London and returned back to Los Angeles in early 70s.

The erudition from Scott entirely worked for Principal and she landed in a promising role of Marie Elena in John Houston’s ‘The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean’, her role was further extended by the movie writer John Milius following her popularity. In her next 1974, disaster film Earthquake, she stunned and impressed the producer with her complete makeover and an afro look that justified their character Rosa from the movie’. Subsequently, she also appeared in movies like ‘I Will, I Will…for Now’ and ‘Vigilante’, unfortunate but fact, these movies were unable to take her career to the height of success.

The never give up attitude was what kept Principal going on. Despite the bitter fact that she left the acting, she stayed in touch with the profession by becoming an agent from 1975. After a two years’ service as an agent, she made her debut in the television with ‘Fantasy Island’. The role was initially offered her to by producer Aaron Spelling which she couldn’t deny. The success of the series earned her a role on CBS prime time soap opera ‘Dallas’. In 1994, she guest starred in ‘Home Improvement’.

After an exit from the show Dallas, she launched her production company named Victoria Principal Productions, especially to benefit television movies. An astonishing Principal discovered her love for the natural beauty therapies in the 80s and she founded her own line of beauty products Principal Secret which was instantly a big hit in the beauty world. In 1995, National Association of Women Business owners titled her with ‘Entertainment Business Woman of the Year. The success of her product line also earned her a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. In January 2011, she came up to the market with her collection of designer Jewelry named Keys & Hearts.

Principal has also written few books based on beauty, health and skin care, which is a tip for her admirer. Her list of books includes ‘The Body Principal’ (1983), ‘The Beauty Principal’ (1984) and ‘The Diet Principal’ (1987). Her fourth Book ‘Living Principal’ published in 2001 was such a big hit that it was on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

As of 2017, Victoria Principal has a net worth of $250 million which she has earned from his never ending magnificent career. Her million dollar net worth includes her profit and sales from her Jewelry store and a line of skin products. She is a proud owner of two lavishing house, one in Big Sur California and the next in Switzerland. Principal was also rumored to have undergone a plastic surgery to keep up glowing and youthful beauty. However, she often denies the rumors and says she likes to keep the things same.



Victoria Principal is a classy yet soft hearted person. Every year she enlarges her million dollar fortune than what it was before but in the mean time, she doesn’t hesitate to use it for a social cause. She offered an aid to the victims suffered from 2008 California wildfires. She too bestowed $200 thousand in a support to the cleanup effort; her contribution brought two largest organizations Oceana and Natural Resource Defense Council in a joint effort of cleanup. For her noble cause, she was also named a co-chairman of Victory Violence Board which is an LA County Domestic Violence Council Community Advisory Board. She also joined the team of American Red Cross to provide food and shelter to the sufferers of the 2016 Louisiana floods.



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