Vanilla Ice net worth, songs, wiki, wife

Vanilla Ice a American rapper, tv host and a actor born in 1967 31st October real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle is famous through out the world who just turned 47, Vanilla is from South Dallas and he was raised in Texas of south Florida. Vanilla released his first debut album named Hooked in the end of 1989 with the studio Ichiban Records. Vanilla soon picked up pace and begun releasing more songs and also released his single Ice Ice Baby which was the first Hip Hop single which was top in the Billboard charts. Still his first single is a famous one till now and is performing concerts.

Vanilla also does breakdance moves which he also included in his album as a way of expressing the music video and a cool way to attract people, with his early career he was focusing all of his mind and power over motocross and also titled the Grand Champion in the Grand National Championship in Dallas but after that he broke his ankle during a race in the motocross and moved away his racing fellings as a professional racer for sometime. Ice had a difficult life and presented in the songs with the help of lyrics he wrote and say to everyone since he got lot of threats for his life by different people.

Later Vanilla married Laura Giaritta in the beginning of 1997 and are living together happy husband and wife and is appearing in lot of tv shows giving their motivation and also writing and publishing and selling lyric that Ice writes. Vanilla had earned a well sum of money about $18 million of net worth with his had work and commitment in the industry with his saing of sleepless night pressurizing environment and life threat situation but tackled with these problem and a dream to make live, he is now living happily. 

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