Valentin Chmerkovskiy is a very famous Ukrainian professional dancer in the dancing sector and one of the famous people too. He is a great man with amazing attractive handsome looks as he looks manly and has great body and height with muscular body. Valentin more looks like a big actor and a star rather than guessing him as a dancer due to his Hollywood actor looks and behavior; he looks familiar and has huge fans. He is best over known for his appearance in the US version of Dancing with the Starts TV competition which is very famous among the states with the people a there are millions of dance lovers who dance and who just watch dance.

He says dance is an art to express the feelings and words with movement and special body moves. He is also the world champion who has won two times in the Latin Dance Competition and it was in both junior and in his youth time and 14 times US national Latin Dance Champion which is a jaw dropping number for a dancer as he is so great in dancing and entertaining people.

He (bio) is originally from Ukrainian SSR and born in the year 1986 and his other name is VC and also known for his involvement in Fashion Designer section and also as a rapper in the music industry. He has just turned 29 years old (age) and has ton’s of twitter (twitter) and facebook follower in his site and has a brother. Janel Parrish is his girlfriend who he is married according to the rumors heard and still no proper evidence is shown as its still private and both couple (also his dance partner) is also heard to find a hard time together and are splitting slowly but still its true or false not properly justified as it is hard to say what is true.   

  • Ukrainian-American
  • 183 cm
  • 1986-03-24
  • Professional Dancer
  • Not Yet
  • $1.5 Million Dollars(2015)
  • Not Yet
  • White
  • Not Yet
  • The Hudson School
  • Dancing with the Stars
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  • Rumer Willis(rumor)
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