Trinity Carr is among three girls who have been charged in homicide of 16 years old high school girl who died after the fight in Delaware High School bathroom. Carr has now reached at the age of 16. She belongs to American nationality.

Attorney General Matt Denn said in a statement that she is charged with criminally negligent homicide. The authorities plan to seek to have the prosecuted in adult court. Other two teens named Shakira Wright and Zion Snow was charged with the third-degree criminal conspiracy. Amy Joyner-Francis has died on 21st April of 2016 after an incident at the Howard High School of Technology located in Wilmington.

According to The Department of Justice, among the three teens, Carr was only one who physically assault Amy Joyner-Francis. That incident was planned confrontation in the bathroom. The video obtained by the investigators shows that Carr was hitting Joyner-Francis in head and torso with the closed fist.

The video also shows that when Carr left the bathroom, Joyner-Francis tried to stand up but she seems disoriented and collapsed to the floor. Their fight was recorded on cell phone video. Carr faces up to eight years in prison if she is found guilty.

The Delaware medical examiner’s office determined that the cause of Joyner-Francis death was sudden cardiac death due to the large atrial septal defect. The three teenage girls planned the assault through written as well as oral communications in 20 hours before the attack took place. Attorney General Matt Denn stated that the most serious charges possible were brought against other two girls.

Immediately after the incident, the three girls were suspended from the Howard High School of Technology but they were not charged until 9th May. Carr has not got married yet nor has a husband. Besides that, to know more details about her bio, family background, and other activities, she can get connected via her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. 


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