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Trai Byers is a extremely attractive male Afro American Actor born in 1983 in july 19th who I first of all known with his heavy handsome looks and talent, Byers in his career life has played different movies, film, and tv  shows and series. Byers till now ha done extremely well in the field of acting and acting in the stage. Byers alo played a the Activist in the movie which he was famous with all the people seeing him, Byers since played activist whose name was James Forman in the year 2014 which was greatly applaud and cheered by the people and the genre of the movie was Epic History flim.

  • Height:

    187 cm

  • Date of Birth:


  • Married To:

    Not yet

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Byers has extremely hot body and abs, girls love him and no one can resist in today world to not have a selfie picture with him, Byers (bio) started his career as the name of Andre Lyon in the Fox Musical Prime time and earned hi way to up the career life. Byers is originally from Kansas City located in Kansas which is one of the state in USA. Byers has worked hard to reach the height in which he is in today.

Byers ha ton’s of followers and people really life him lot. Byers is a inspiration to young starter and fresher with good looks and talent, Byers was one of the people who became a famous actor and turned out to be one of the student who graduated from the Tucked High school and later Graduated from Yale School of Drama but the year of his graduation and private life relation ship is still not publicly shared. Byers also made his television debut with the recurring role on the ABC Day Time Soap Opera and many more. Byers has just turned 31 years old (age) and I becoming as great as ever with every single day.

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