Tory Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter, Weight Loss

Tory Johnson is an author of very famous book The Shift, Will work from home, Take this book to work was born on 14 September 1970 in New York, United States.

She says she is not a doctor or nutritionist she is an ordinary woman who lost lot of weight and got slim where she focused eating less but not starve.

She has pointed out seven steps which helped her to reduce her weight to readers of her book Weigh yourself daily, Pause before giving into temptation, Read Nutritional labels or check an app,  Put Old photos on display, No Cheat days, Keep Safe snacks on hand; If tempted to binge, grab nail polish.

She is asking question like How fed up are you really? What are you willing to give up? What’s your plan? What’s your daily accountability? How will you embrace patience and celebrate victories. She can be followed in social networking site twitter.   

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