Tony Evers the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin is famous as an American educator. Toney Evers is a much dedicated and experienced educationalist who has been working in the field of public education.

His bio is filled with lots of achievements as he is involved in many school reforms programs. Since the initiation of his profession, despite many challenges, he has ensured of providing quality education for all students. He is also involved in politics and is a huge supporter and furthermore a voter of Democrat.

Tony Evers, the educator: Know about his journey from a principal to an administrator

Tony Evers was born on 5 November 1951 in Plymouth, Wisconsin, the United States of America. He is very much close to his hometown as he has spent all of this time where he was born. As per wiki, he holds the bachelors (1974), masters (1978) and doctorate degrees (1986) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Tony Evers began his career joining the Tomah School as a teacher and media planner which led him to the post of principal of the elementary branch. He was then promoted to high school principal in 1980 to which he served for almost four years. As he and his work were being praised he eventually became the superintendent of Oakfield School from 1984 to 1988.

Afterward, Tony was transferred to Verona School District in 1988; he left serving for another four years. He then spent his nine years working for an administrative department of Cooperative Education Service Agency in Oshkosh.

Tony Evers, the superintendent, is a voter of Democrat

Tony's superintendent journey started when he first ran for the election of state superintendent in the year 1993. He couldn’t win his first election against John Benson, an American educator. Nine years later in 2001 after the end of John's tenure, Tony again stood for the election and grabbed the third position.

In 2009 Evers ran again in the general election which brought him victory against Rose Fernandez. Since that particular time, he has been voted and reelected as a superintendent.  He has brought the proposal of 'Fair Funding for Our Future' which is a school finance reform plan.

The US Department of Education in March 2016 declared to be serving on the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for Title 1, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. There was a huge controversy about Tony in 2009 when he was accused of misusing the government email accounts for raising fund for which he and the other employee have to pay $250 each.

Tony Evers' salary and net worth

Tony Evers has been working as a superintendent since a long time. He initiated his career at a very early age and served as a principal and administrator during the first phase which was just a beginning.  We assume his salary and net worth to be very high as being in a higher position.

There are huge contributions for Tony Evers Campaign. He raised more than $300 million in federal elections since he started his campaign. He is also involved in political campaign which from where he get lots of funds.


  • American
  • 5 November 1951
  • Educator, Politician and Superintendent
  • Married
  • Three
  • Kathy Evers
  • Plymouth, Wisconsin, the United States of America

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