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An American TV and online video host Tomi Lahren is also the conservative political commentator. At present, she is the host of the TV show Tomi for TheBlaze. Previous to that, she was also the host of On point with Tomi Lahren on One American News Network. Tomi is the native of Rapid City, South Dakota. She was born on 11th August of the year 1992 and she has now reached at the age of 23. She went to get her education from the Central High School. She also attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and got graduated from there in 2014. While in University of Nevada, Tomi studied journalism, media and political science.

In addition to that she also hosted and associate produces a political round table show known as The Scramble for UNLV-Television. She had also interned for the Republican congresswoman Kristi Noem where she used to serve as the first intern for Congresswoman’s Noem’s Rapid City office. After that, hoping to find internship in political commentary, she applied to OAN. She then obtained an interview and she was instead offered an opportunity for hosting her own show. Later, she moved to San Diego, California and then started working for OAN. The On Point was debuted in August of 2014.

In July of 2015, a video of her commentary concerning 2015 Chattanooga shootings became widely distributed video and also garnered an international press. In addition to this event, Tomi caused a smaller wave of the press attention on march of same year when she made her appearance at an annual Conservational Political Action conference and deflected the stereotype of Republicans as old rich, white males by comparing them to top Democratic presidential candidates as Joe Biden, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren. Later on 19th August 2015, she made an announcement that she had already completed her last show with the OAN. She then moved to Texas and after that, she started a new shot with Theblaze in November.

During her time at the college, she wrote an article for Review Journal. The piece is focused on malyssa Hiroko Essex who is a fellow student who had turned stripping for the financial reasons. In that piece, Essex talks about working for Capitol Hill has an intern for Nevada senator Harry Reid. Tomi refers to the classmate as a feminist and future career professional. Tomi first gained national attention in summer of 2015. In July of same year, she appeared as a guest on Fox & Friends.

Prior to that, The Daily Mail has reported that Tom was inspired in rant by her boyfriend Jerad Christian who is a Navy SEAL. The couple has been dating with each other since February of 2015. The pair first met in San Diego. According to her Facebook account, she is currently residing in Dallas. Among her many controversial political positions is notion that fracking is positive and that climate change is a myth. Lahren also believed in energy independence. Besides that, as Tomi has maintained her personal life secret and does not like to share it with the media, there is no more news found about her that is related to her bio and height. But, she can be followed in Twitter and Instagram. 

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