Tom Coughlin (full name Thomas Richard Coughlin), born on 30th of August 1946 in Waterloo, New York. In his 46 years of career, he has been the head or assistant coach of 7 different teams throughout his life leading them to Super Bowl Champion thrice and NFC victories twice in 2007 and 2011. He is 70 years of age and has Virgo as his zodiac sign.

He was a halfback for the Syracuse Orange football team playing alongside Larry Csonka and Floyd Little while as a student at Syracuse University, setting the record for single-season pass receiving in 1967. He then coached at the Rochester Institute of Technology (1970-1973), returned to Syracuse (1974-1980) and then to Boston College (1981-1983) for a final stint as a college level coach. His NFL tenure began with the coaching of Philadelphia Eagles (1984-1985), later also coaching the Green Bay Packers (1986-1987) and New York Giants (1988-1990).

 He would return to Boston College for two years (1991-1993), moving on to coach Jacksonville Jaguars (1995-2002) and New York Giants (2004-2015). Jacksonville Jaguars had him as their coach for two victories in the AFC Championship Games of 2007 and 2011. Active as a coach since 1969 to 2015, Coughlin coached his last team New York Giants to Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI victories. He was invited along with the team in honor of their Super Bowl victory by the then President of the United Stated, George W. Bush. 

When Coughlin officially stepped down after 12 seasons of coaching the New York Giants on 2015, twitter was flooded with emotional messages from the fans and players. Footballers who know his bio will know that even though he was a tough taskmaster, he still was honest about everything he did.

Coughlin was nicknamed as “Colonel Coughlin”, due to his high attentiveness to details and strict coaching style. He had everything to be done for the day minutely planned on a check-list, including coffee time and the walk around the locker room. Perfectionist, consistent, meticulous and disciplined: these are the words that, according to the players of the team that he coached, would do little to describe the man himself.

Coughlin still followed the old-school pattern of coaching his teams in a strict way lest they become wayward, and that strictness is punctuated by occasional jokes and light-hearted moment that players who have been under his military-style regimen will remember throughout. On a regular season his check-list would take no less than 17.5 hours to be complete with Coughlin's signatory "Secured" - a military code for mission accomplished or job done! That gives a vague idea about Coughlin's personality and character. 

Coughlin is also the founder of Jay Fund (officially known as Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation) established in 1996 and named after Jay McGillis, a Boston College player coached by Coughlin who was diagnosed and later died from leukemia. From the time of it's establishment until 2008, over 1000 families of children with cancer had been assisted and over $2 million had been spent on providing support to those affected by this fatal disease. Oldest of seven siblings and Roman Catholic by religion, Coughlin has four children (two daughters and two sons) from his wife Judy, with whom he has been married since 1967.



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