Tom Colicchio wiki, wife, twitter, blog

A famous American Chef who is also a celebrity in the Chef industry is born in 1962 August 15 name is Tom Colicchio real name Thomas Patrick Colicchio. Colicchio is also the co-founder of the Gramercy Tavern in New York ,and then he formerly served as a co-owner and then the Executive Chef and also founded a Craft and Colicchio restaurant. Colicchio also acted as judge on the reality tv show called the Bravo reality of top chef, Colicchio also featured the chef on Great Chefs show. Colicchio is originally from Elizabeth, New jersey usa and turned 52 and has invented many forms of cooking and recipies styles.

Colicchio he is famous and still people are huge fan of him and is followed by millions of people in twitter, blog and facebook, since  also won the outstanding chef award from the James Beard Foundation in the late 2010. Colicchio has written altogether about three cookbooks and appeared in the documentary film A Place at the Tablein 2013. Colicchio now has opened his restaurant brances in many states of USA and still is making wonderful dishes(food).  Colicchio married his girlfriend Lori Silverbush in the mid 2001 so he now is living happily with his wife and children and total of 4 member plus one his dog. Colicchio have many tips and technique for beginner chef on how to cook and figure out the tase of the powder and the things mixed in it.

Colicchio loves to cook and his wife says its rare for her to cook because he always tries to make something new and especiall which tastes amazing and great. Colicchio is now living in New jersey with his family and and now are touring the USA, Colicchio always loves surprises, adventures, enjoyment with the nature so he tries to resemble it in the food that he cooks and gives it to guest and family.

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