Tokyo Toni is the mother of well-known model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna. People also know him as Shalana Jones-Hunter. As per her bio, she currently lives in Washington, D.C and holds the post of Chief Executive Officer at On My Grind Entertainment And Promotions, LLC. Tokyo in 2016 became the talk of the town when the news of her threatening own husband came out. It was said her husband seek for security in the court. 


Tokyo Toni is the native of Dominican Republic

Tokyo Toni aka Shalana Jones was born on October 12 of the year 1969, age 47. She is originally from the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is married to Marcellus Hunter in October 2012. Tokyo and her husband Marcellus dated for quite a long time before they got married.

However the daughter of Tokyo, Blac Chyna is not Marcellus' daughter. Before marrying to Marcellus she was in a relationship with Eric Holland. Currently, Eric lives in Maryland with his new girlfriend. Even though this ex-lover has not met each other for almost a decade they always appear in the news which is connected to their daughter Blac.


Tokyo Toni was accused of threatening by her own husband Marcellus Hunter

In March of 2016, Tokyo Toni time and again was ordered to stop making any terrorizing action towards her husband. According to Radar Online, there were court documents found from the Maryland Prince George Country District. It was said the restraining order was for threatening to crack her husband's head open.

The case was filed in July 2013 by Marcellus Hunter stating Shalana aka Tokyo to be very much violent when she gets angry. He added, 'She often tries to start a physical altercation. I have hundreds of texts (threatening) bodily harm, threats to come to my job and get me fired. Threats to 'crack my head open' if I return my home. Threats to leave me in a landfill. I want the threats to stop. I want her out of my home…. She has already cut up my clothes!'


Tokyo Toni is an owner of an entertainment company. How much can her net worth?

As we go through the social site especially the Facebook page of Tokyo Toni we can find her to be the Chief Executive Officer. The position she holds is her own company named 'On My Grind Entertainment and Promotions, LLC. According to Heavy, she is a graduate of Prince George's Community and Howard University.

The 'On My Grind Entertainment and Promotions, LLC is located in Largo, Maryland. The other company she is working with is at Movie Extra. A List Talent and EOTM Radio and Media. She is a very hard-working and dedicated woman who have been doing great work.



Tokyo Toni is the one who falls in the list of 'Anti-Kardashian'

Even though her daughter was in relation with Robert Kardashian and also has a baby she seems to be anti-favoring all the Kardashians. She has time and again insta –posted Kardashians to be 'reality hoes'. Tokyo even talked about the wedding that her daughter and Rob was going to have and the other missing the wedding.

According to her Instagram page, Tokyo Toni’s motto is trust in yourself but believe in many. There she has more than 16.5 thousand followers. She is also very much active on her twitter and facebook page. And well she loves dancing, she twerks really well.



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