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Politicians exist in order to run the government in the interest of the people who live in the society. They are chosen by the people as representatives of their communities. One of them is Tim Kaine, an American political figure (of the Democratic party) who was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on 26th February 1958. His wife is Anne Holton, with whom he has been married since 1984.


Let's find out more about this politician through the short bio compiled from various sources below. As the US Senator from Virginia, Kaine assumed office from 3rd January 2013 onwards and is working with Mark Warner. Before this, he was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (2009 to 2011), the 70th Governor of Virginia (2006 to 2010), 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (2002 to 2006), and the 76th Mayor of Richmond (1998 to 2001). According to many websites on the internet, Kaine has positive standings on many political and social issues, and we can surely hope that the future holds great fame and accolades for him. His tireless efforts to win over the public have won him many positive views. Despite being religiously unsupportive of abortion as a Roman Catholic, Kaine in recent years has often stated that women should have rights to decide what they want when it comes to health and childbearing. On the issue of Afghanistan and ISIS that are closely linked to terrorism, Kaine has stated that the American troops need to be brought home as early as possible since Afghanistan poses no threat now, at the same time supporting the use of military force against ISIS and it's sub-factions. He has never favored the death penalty, but as a Governer, he had to oversee 11 executions. He did appear in an ad that aired between TV show, where he stated how his religious beliefs make him strongly oppose capital punishment. He also supports the ObamaCare policy for the better life and health of American citizens. He also holds no objection to LGBT rights and same-sex marriages.


Kaine has been active in the American political scene for many years, and it is sure that he must have won many fans and followers in this long career. Even then, it is of utmost importance for everyone these days to create a virtual image and goodwill these days by interacting with their fans and supporters on social media. He has 963 followers on Instagram, over 44 thousand followers on twitter, and over 20 thousand likes on his facebook page. He also has his own official website, and you could actually follow him on all of these sites to stay updated on what's happening in his personal as well as professional life. You can also find his interviews on many news websites.


Let's look at his electoral history now. In the Virginia Lieutenant Governer Election 2001, Kaine got 50% votes against 48% of his 1st opponent Jay K. Katzen (Republican Party) and 1.6% of his 2nd opponent Gary Reams (Libertarian Party). In the Virginia Gubernatorial Election 2005, Kaine got 51.7% while his opponent Jerry Kilgore of the Republican Party got 46% votes. In the Virginia Senate Election 2012, Kaine got 52.9% votes against George Allen of the Republican Party, who got 47% votes.

Kaine's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. 


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