Robert Edward aka Ted Turner III is an American philanthropist and a media mogul. He was born in the year 1938, 19th November; it makes him 77 years in age. He is popularly known as the person who founded the Cable News Network CNN which is the first 24-hours cable news channel. In addition to it, he also founded the WTBS. His bio includes the following details. 

He was once in spotlight after he gifted $1 billion to the United Nations which created a public charity for broadening domestic support for the UN. He serves as a chairman for the UN foundation’s Board of Directors. In the year 2001, he also co-founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative with Sam Nunn. It is a non-partisan organization which is dedicated in reducing global reliance and preventing proliferation of the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. He currently serves as a co-chairman on the Board of Directors.

His legacy started with his father’s business of bill board. Turner Outdoor Advertising which he took over after his father committee suicide in the year 1963.the company was worth $1 million at that time. CNN revolutionized the news media after it covered the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in the year 1986 and the Persia Gulf war in the year 1991. He turned to Atlanta Braves baseball team into a nationally popular franchise and then launched the charitable Goodwill Games. He also helped to revive interest in the pro wrestling by buying the World Championship Wrestling and then starting the Monday Night Wars in the year 1995.

He was born in the city of Cincinnati situated at Ohio. His mother’s name is Florence and his father’s name is Robert Edward Turner II who was a bill board magnate. When he was nine years of age, his family moved to Savannah at Georgia and he went to The McCallie School which was a private boys’ preparatory school in Chattanooga. He then went to Brown University where he got selected as the Vice-President for the Brown Debating Union and captain of the sailing team. He also became the member of Kappa Sigma. He had majored in classics and his father had once said that his son’s choice had made his appalled and horrified. Turner later changed his major to Economics, but before he received Diploma he was expelled because of having a female student in his dormitory room. He was awarded with a B.A. from Brown University in the year 1989 and he returned to the campus to the keynote the National Association of College Broadcasters in the second annual conference.

In the year 2006, 19th September, Turner, regarding Iran’s nuclear position, said that they were a sovereign state America had got 28,000 of these and why could not Iran have 10 of them.  As on 2015, his net worth turns out to be 2.2 billion US Dollars which is as expected from a billionaire.

He has been married and divorced for three different times: He was married to Judy Nye for 4 years (1960-1964); Jane Shirley (1965-88) and Jane Fonda, who was his wife for 10 years (1991-2001). 



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