Tamerlan Tsarnaev wiki, bio, age, Boston bomb

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is born in Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 21st October in the year 1986; he was also a permanent resident of the US and a Russian citizen and also a Kyrgyz citizen. He arrived to the US in the year 2002 and then he attended Cambridge Rindge and also Latin School then a public High school. He later applied for admission at the famous university of Massachusetts in Boston for the fall season and intake of 2006, unfortunately he was rejected and then he attended Bunker Hill community college and also did a part time three terms between the year 2006 to 2008 and then about the time he was studying account with his hope of becoming an engineer for his career life he then dropped out of school to concentrate more on boxing which was a big turn for his life.

 In the year 2007 he confronted to a young youth of Brazil who had dated his young sister for two years and then he punched him in the face as he did not approved as the boy was not from the Muslim caste. He was fully devoted to Muslim and stopped drinking and smoking and started to daily attend the Islamic Society of Boston mosque near his house and then distrusted the law of the western forms of government and the dress and social value they follow.

He dated an American woman named Katherine Russell from the North Kingstown and she later converted to Muslim religion and started wearing a hijab since 2008 but their relationship was not a peace full one as they usually had fights and later in the year in 2013 he was involved in Marathon Bombing (Boston Bomb) and also killing and carjacking and he was killed by police as he was shot several times, his parents told he is innocent and it came as his ethnicity caused the death from the policeman when he was 26 years of age.

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