Syed Rizwan is one of the gunmen who massacred 14 people at the holiday party on Wednesday at Inland Regional Center in the SanVernardino, California with his wife Tashfeen Malik. Later, they both were killed in a shooting with police. The specific motives of the attackers have remained unclear.

 Syed was at the age of 28. Although he was known by the name Syed Rizwan, his real name is Syed Rizwan Farook. He was the citizen of United States. The Law enforcement officials told the CNN that Syed had been in touch via phone as well as social media with at least a person whom FBI suspected of the international terrorism.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Rizwan had already got married. He was married to his wife named Tashfeen Malik who was at the age of 27 when she died. She was the legal permanent resident of United States. The couple also has one child together. The pair left their baby with the grand-mother while they carried out deadliest mass shooting in United States since December of the year 2012 rampage at the Sandy Hook.

 The pair had known to each other through the online dating service. They met face to face only when Farook visited to Saudi Arabia. They left their six months old child with the mother of Farook saying that they had a appointment for the doctor.

Syed was an environmental health specialist with San Bernardino County Health Department which was hosting a holiday party at Inland Regional Center where the attack took place. Syed had been there for five years.

He attended the California State University in San Bernardino and got graduated from there with a degree in the environmental health in the year 2010. He was of Muslim Religion. For more info about his bio, family background as well as other activities, it can be found in various sources. Besides that, he was also active user of Twitter and Instagram account. 


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