Susie Abromeit is an actress who was born in the year 1982, 15th November which makes her age 34 years at present. She was born in the city of Boston. She already was a star athlete when she was only 16 years of age. She was one of the top-ranked tennis players when she was 16; she was ranked as no.6 in USA. She enjoyed a full tennis scholarship when she was at Duke University. More of her bio includes the following details. 

When she was in University, she made up her mind in getting into acting and music. She got a role in the most anticipated series named “Jessica Jones” in the year 2015 and the series was first aired in the year 2015, 20th November. The series will be following Jessica Jones who after a tragic ending to the Super Hero series which did not last long, is rebuilding her whole personal life and career as a detective who later gets pulled into different cases in the New York City.

Susie will be playing alongside Carrie-Anne Miss as her colleague and the lover at some point of time. Basically speaking, her character seems to be very sensual and dynamic in nature it is believed to have intrigued each and every audience at every point. 

She made her debut in the movie which was produced by Lionsgate and the name of the movie was Know Thy Enemy in the year 2009. After the grand debut, she bagged the role in the movies like Sydney White which was produced in the year 2007, Sex Drive in the year 2008. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. As a whole, she has acted in over 15 movies throughout her tenure in Hollywood. 

She also has been awarded for her performances in the movies and series. She received an award for the category of best actress from the Beverlty Hills for her outstanding acting in the drama named “Diving Normal” which was premiered in the year 2013. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

She also was listen in one of the Deans and in the Honor Roll at the Duke University. She also is a singer as well as a songwriter; she knows how to play guitar and she produces the music of her own. She loves skiing and she has been in this adventurous sport when she was 2 years of age; by the time she was 11 she already was in the federation of ski team in New England. She loves keeping pets as well. She has adopted two stray cats and has named them Boots and Oliver.

She has a brother in law whose name is Mike Dunham and she was a silver medalist and the goalie for New York Rangers. She looks fairly tall as she has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She seems to be private about her personal life as the info about her married life and boyfriend is unavailable and she does not seem to be dating anyone.

Besides her on-screen romance, she does not seem to have any affair or to date anyone. Her height and her beautiful physique seem to be of perfect measurements and epitome of beauty. She has an estimated net worth of over a million dollars. More of her info can be obtained from her twitter account. 



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