Suri Cruise who is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was born on 18th April of the year 2006 at the Saint John’s Health Center in the Santa Monica, California. During her birth, she weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces and was twenty inches long. She is mostly known for being the first child an actress Katie and an actor Tom. In 2012, Life & Style had reported that she was enrolled at the Pricey Manhattan private School Avenues.

Her father Tom Cruise is an American actor as well as filmmaker and he was born on 3rd July of the year 1962. He is the native of Syracuse, New York, United States. He is now at the age of 52 and he has been nominated for the three Academy Awards as well as he has also won the three Golden Globe Awards. She has made his appearance in numbers of the movies.

Her mother Katie Holmes is an American actress as well as model who was born on 18th December of the year 1978. She first achieved fame for portraying the role of Joey Potter on the WB TV teen drama called Dawson’s Creek. She is the native of Toledo, Ohio, United States. Suri’s parents for married in the year 2006 and got divorced in 2012.

Apart from that, Suri has now reached at the age of 9. She had also been seen in Lois Kills Stewie as an infant. Her name Suri means the red rose in French and princess in Hebrew. Her first photographs was debuted on the cover of October of the year 2006 issue of the Vanity Fair and also sold more than 70000 copies. She is very cute and has her own fashion style.

Her height is not known. In addition to that, her life has also been documented by Paparazzi since she was born. Besides that, to know more about her biography, we can also follow on her parents Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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