A Scottish performance artist Stevie Starr is widely known for being a professional regurgitator. In his act, Stevie swallows various items such as coins, balloons, light bulbs, dry sugar, billiard balls, nails, as well as goldfish and them regurgitates them again.

Till now, he has never described that exactly how that is done and the implausibility of some of his regurgitations have also led some people to believe that he is an illusionist. When he was 4 years old, he discovered that he had the skill of regurgitation. He then developed his talent throughout the years by hiding the money from other children and then shoplifting sweets to later re-sale at the school. In addition to that, he also used to perform his talent in the class by swallowing the chalk.

Starr gave an audition for 4th series of the British version of the show known as Britain’s Got Talent in April of the year 2010. During the audition, he was swallowing numbers of coins and billiard ball and then regurgitating them on the demand. He then progressed to semi finals.

Later in May, in the semifinals, he swallowed the engagement ring of Amanda Holden. It was then followed by the locked padlock and its key. After that, he regurgitated the padlock which enclosed the engagement ring followed by the key. He then finished in the fourth place of the show in public vote. The same year in September, he performed on 4ths season of German version of the show where he places third in semifinals and advanced to finale and then finished in the 7th place.

The next year, he made his appearance on the 2nd series of the Czech-Slovak version of the same show on October and he progressed to the final. In addition to that, he also appeared on 4th series of Italian version of show in October 2013 where he progressed to semifinals.

He also appeared on the 9th series of the French version of show in January of 2015 and there, he was progressed to final and finished in the 4th position. Prior to that, Stevie also made his appearance on the 10th season of the NBC’s show titled as America’s Got Talent in June of the year 2015. His performance on audition consisted of swallowing the four numbered coins and he advance to the final.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Stevie Starr came into this world on 13th December of the year 1962 which has now made him at the age of 52. He is the native of Glasgow, Scotland, United States. During first 19 years of his life, he was grown up in an orphanage located in Glasgow, Scotland.

It was in the year 2007 when he met his maternal half-sister of her family for first time in Scotland. Since then, they have remained in touch with each other. But the tragedy is he could not meet his mother because she has already passed away. There is no news found related to his height. Besides that, he can also be connected through Twitter and Instagram account and his act can also be seen on YouTube.


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