Steven Brundage is a magician who is one of the participants of the 11th season of the reality TV show known as America’s Got Talent. He was eliminated by Judge Cuts but later, he again returned Wild Card in quarterfinals.

As he has maintained his profile low, there is no any news found about whether he has any girlfriend or dating, anyone. He stands at the height of five feet and few inches that suits his personality.

Steven Brundage is a professional magician and he has been practicing magic for more than half of his life. Perhaps, he is most famous for nearly impossible Rubik’s Cube routine. He has been making name for himself all over the world. Coming into global spotlight for the viral video recently, Magician gets out of speeding ticket with Magic!

Brundage has been seen on TV shows in Russia, Britain, Japan as well as on TV shows in the US such as Good Morning America in December 2014, Today Show in December 2015, Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon in July 2015, Penn and Teller’s Fool Us in August 2015 and The Steve Harley Show in January 2015.

Additionally, his resume is also lined with features on the news outlets such as New York Daily News, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and more.

His audition in episode 1106 consisted of placing unsolved Rubik’s Cube slowly into a paper bag. After he snapped his fingers and then reached back into the bag, the cube was solved.

Later, he then invited Simon Cowell for privately mix up Rubik’s Cube. 30 seconds after, Brundage mixed up plain Rubik’s Cube for matching Simon’s cube exactly. All of the judges vote “Yes” which sent him to Judge Cuts.

Besides, as he has kept his profile low, it is not known anything about his family background. There is also no more news found about his bio and dating history. 


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