Steven Avery who is an American convict has served his 18 years in the prison for sexual assault conviction which DNA analysis later linked to the another man. Steven was exonerated as well as released from the prison on 11th September of the year 2003. He is the native of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Later again in 2005, he was arrested as well as later convicted of the murder of the photographer named Teresa Halbach. On 20th December of 2015, a petition was created at the petitions whitehouse gov. titled as Investigation and Pardon the Averys in Wisconsin and punish the corrupt officials who railroaded this innocent man. More than 5000 signatures were collected in first eight days.

He came into this world on 9th July of the year 1962 which has now made him reach at the age of 53. When he was 18 years old, he pleaded to bulgary of the bar and was then sentenced to the prison for 10 months. After a couple of years, he and the another man pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty after pouring the gasoline and oil on the cat of Avery and throwing it into a fire. In 1985, he was again charged with the assaulting of his cousin, wife of a part time Manitowoc County Sheriff’s deputy, possessing firearm as a felon, and rape of the Manitowoc woman for which he was exonerated later.

Steven served in the prison for six year for assaulting his cousin and illegally possessing the firearms and 18 years for assault, sexual assault as well as attempted rape that he did not commit. Prior to that, the Netflix released a documentary series on 18th December of 2015 on the story of Steven known as Making a Murderer which examines the allegations of the police and prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering as well as witness coercion. Besides that, more details about his bio, family background and pics can be obtained from various sources. 


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