Steve Kuzj is a reporter for the KTLA. It was in April of the year 2013 when Steve was hired by the KTLA as their general assignment reporter. During his career till now, he had received numbers of the Emmy nominations and also won the award for the Best On-Air Reporter. Before moving to the LA, he used to work for the ABC Station located in Phoenix as a multimedia journalist as well as an anchor. In addition to that, he had also spent his time by reporting for the CBS in Atlanta.

He has been involved in the martial arts, weapons training, complete with the brick breaking as well as national fighting tournaments since he was at the age of five. He also has a second degree black belt in the mixed martial arts. He is the native of Minnesota, United States. He found the passion for the story telling and journalism when he was in his high school. He then went on to study at the University of Minnesota from where he got graduated with the degrees in the journalism and business.

Recently in February of 2015, he was caught on the camera in which he pushed an alleged intruder out of his shot. He was on streets of the Hollywood when the guy tried to get some of the TV time. He did not even thought that Kuzj can be seen shoving him.

In his spare time, Steve can be found dissecting electronics, working out inside the gym, as well as scuba diving 150 feet below surface of ocean. Steve has several years of working experiences such as voicing, story telling, including promotions, anchoring, hosting and news reading. As he had maintained to keep his profile low, we do not have more information related to his personal life biography. To get more information that is related to Kuzj, we can follow him on his twitter account that is @SteveKuzj. We can also view his videos and learn more about him from different internet sites.


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