Born to a lawyer father and a dancer/opera performer mother in Toronto, Canada on 18th 1992, Spencer Lofranco is an actor from Canada. Let have a look into the brief bio compiled below of this young celebrity, who is 23 years of age. 

Born as the 2nd child in the family, he was raised in Thornhill, Canada. He had issues with the traditional schooling system, so he attended Robert Land Academy, a military school from grade 9 to 12. Lofranco currently lives in Los Angeles in US. 

Most readers will not know about an incident that landed Lofranco in legal trouble back in 2013. That year on 6th of August, Lofranco's vehicle that he was himself driving hit Camille Banham, an actress who was on her bike.

Lofranco is reported to have apologized after stopping his SUV, but then quickly drove away leaving the victim with multiple fractures and a broken hip. Lofranco, being convicted of hit and run, was sentenced to do 50 days of community service as a sentence. 

He was seen as Conrad Hartman in At Middleton, a romantic comedy released in 2013. In Jamesy Boy, a crime drama released in 2014, he played the lead character James Burns. After that, he was seen as Harry Brooks in Unbroken (a biographical war drama released in 2014), Home (a short film of the thriller genre released in 2014), and Dixieland (a crime drama released in 2015). He was awarded with the Denver Film Festival Rising Star Award for his role of Conrad Hartman in the film At Middleton. 

Despite being a novice in the acting business, he has been signed to all these movies that belong to big production houses. But is he dettered by the pressure, or has his early success so to speak gone over his head? In an interview to the, Lofranco insistently says that he is unfazed by these deals, and this is only his hard work beginning to pay off.

He has stated in the same interview that before deciding upon a career in acting, he had initially pondered over whether to be a lawyer or an architect or a veterinarian, back in his school days.

Then one day, he performed a monologue in his final year at the high school, and upon receiving amazing feedback from everyone who saw him perform that day, Lofranco decided that he would be an actor. When his time came to act in the big house productions, Lofranco stayed focused and confident, fully aware that his time had come to work with professionals and he must do his best. 

Lofranco has over 6 thousand likes on facebook, and over 7 thousand followers on twitter. On these sites, he can be followed for updates related to his private life and information about his career and upcoming movies. As of now, he isn't signed to any TV shows, but we can be sure that his fan base will rise once he does that. 

Some lesser known facts about Lofranco is that his father actually wanted him to be a hockey player and a lawyer, but he finally has become an actor. He also thinks that had he not been an actor, he would be in Africa devoting his help and support to the poor and needy kids there. 

Information about his height, dating, and possible girlfriend isn't available as of now in the internet, but who can deny the charisma of this actor who could be the heart-throb of many female fans?


  • Canadian
  • October 18, 1992 (age 25)
  • Actor
  • Rocco C. Lofranco
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Santino Lofranco


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