Soleil Moon Frye breast surgery, wiki, bio, kids

Soleil Moon is a very beautiful American Actress born in 6th August 1976 who is also a Director and screen writer, she started her career as a start up by working as a child actor when she was just 2 years old and that that age she was great acting and doing the roles. After that when she was 7 years old she won the role of the Penelope named Punky in the Sictom punky which was a great achievement in the Brewster. She did really well and acted great in her early career and is very talent today with those born with talent when people say when they hear her view and acting skill. She also went as a guest spots on the television and supported different role in the films (movies).

She later attended the new school after 1990 and later directed her first movie named wild horse. He is filled with extra talent and skill when it comes to work comparison. She is a great woman with great source and quality in herself. Talking about her bio and everything she is originally from Glendora located in California in the US and has done great as her main occupation in acting and directing plus screen writing. She is active in her career since 1992 and is a married woman with her husband named Jason Goldberg in the year 1998.

She has 3 children and she has just turned 38 years old. She is doing great as a mother and as an actress with a great wife manner and care to her children (kids). She has been doing hard work in the field which she like from her child hood and I doing wonderful job keeping it up and helping it to rise more and more. She also went through a breast surgery for reduction process and has great measurements in her hot body with great number of twitter followers.  

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