Sofie Disso is a contortionist as well as aerialist who has competed in the reality TV show called America’s Got Talent. She is a self-taught contortionist and a hand balancer. Disso became captivated when she was at the age of 12 after she watched an online video.

Having been a competitive dancer as well as a gymnast, Disso has the great foundation of strength and flexibility and she has advanced her skills using YouTube videos as the teacher of her combined with disciplined practice at her home.

Within just a year, she started to perform at the family as well as a friend. celebrations and she gradually caught the eyes of entertainment companies which started to hire her for the larger events. Her inspiration is to enthrall her audiences by showing them her unique performance which they have never seen before. So, she is always motivated by her parents to create the innovative shows.

Disso’s audition in episode 1105 consisted of bending her knees overhead and balancing on one hand on the cane. With the legs still bent, Sofie grabbed the apple with legs and she also took a bite out of it. All of the four judges vote “Yes” which sent her to Judge Cuts. In Judge Cuts performance in episode 1108, she performed on an elevated hoop by the first back of her neck and the bridge of her feet.

Next, she balanced on the rotating canes. She also shot bow by her feet and hit the target with flaming arrow feet away. The judges gave her a standing ovation and impressed by her performance, the guest judge Reba pressed a Golden Buzzer for her that sent her straight to quarterfinals.

Her week 2 quarterfinals performance in episode 1113 consisted of reaching the stage from Aerial Silk. The video of her performance can also be seen on YouTube. There are no more details found about her bio and height.



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