Sian Blake who is a British actress is widely known for portraying the character of Frankie Pierre on the British TV show known as EastEnders. She had made her appearances in the 56 episodes between the year 1996 and 1997. Sian has now came into the lime light after she went missing along with her two children, both sons in December of the year 2015. She and her kids have been missing for the three weeks.

 But a neighbor saw her boyfriend collecting the possessions from their house the day after her disappearance. Her neighbors have revealed that when she was last seen leaving her house, she was with the man who was believed to be her boyfriend.

Seriously-ill Sian Blake is now at the age of 43 and her sons, Zachary is 8 years old and Amon is four. On the night of the 2nd January, the police confirmed that they were aware a man had been seen leaving with Blake. He officers also said that her boyfriend is not a suspect and he is not being named at this stage. Mrs Metzgen told to the Sun that Blake had recently been looking very thin as well as frail. She also stated that when she last saw the mother of Sian, she said that the doctors did not think that she was going to get better and it also sounded like she did not have very long left.

Sian Blake is the native of Erith, South London. She was suffering from the motor neurone disease. In addition to playing the role in the EastEnders, she has also made her appearances in the films and TV shows such as Casualty, Siberia, The Death of Klinghoffer, The Bill, The Last Detective, Skins, The Secret Dancer and Final Fantasy XIV. Besides that, to get more information regarding her bio and other activities, she can also get connected through Instagram and twitter. 


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