David Shepard Smith junior is an American television news anchor. He is popularly known as Shepard Smith or Shep Smith. He is the former host for the Fox Report.  He was born in the year 1964, 14th January, currently 50 years of age. In the year 2013, in the month of October, he became the host for the Shepard Smith Reporting and worked as the managing editor for the Fox News Channel’s Breaking News Division. His bio includes the following details. 

He signed his first television contract with the WJHG television in the Panama City Beach situated at Florida. He also worked as a reporter for numerous agencies. He later joined the Fox News Channel at its inception in the year 1996.

Smith has also been assigned with numerous prime news stores during his long career. In the year 1997, he reported on the news of death of Princess Diana. In the year 2000, he got assigned to the Florida to cover the Florida ballot counting controversy at the time of the US presidential election. In the year 2001, he went to Terre Haute, Indiana to become one of the media’s witnesses on the execution of Timothy McVeigh. He also has spent quite some time in the New Orleans, Louisiana, to provide news report on the events and consequences that arouse due to the Hurricane, Katrina.

His show whose name is “The Fox Report With Shepard Smith” was a top rated newscast in cable news and also has been ranked as the third in the programs in the United States’ cable news. He tied with Dan Rather and Peter Jennings for the most trusted news anchor in both of the networks as well as cable news in a 2003 Television Guide Poll. Along with that, he also anchors many major time news presentations in the Fox News for the FTN.

In the year 2007, 19th November, The New York Times reported that he had signed a three year contract which gave him a salary of 7-8 million US dollars per year; he currently has a net worth of 20 million dollars. Because of this contract, he has been placed in the same pay league as Brian Williams of NBC and the former anchor Charles Gibson. In the year 2010, he renewed the contract with Fox for next three years.

In the year 2013, 12th September, he and Fox News announced the fact that after the multiyear renewal of his contract, his role in the Fox news would not be shifting. He also would become managing editor of the Fox News’ new breaking News Division and also the host of Shepard Smith reporting. Both the studio B as well as Fox Report were phased out in the year 2013, in the month of October.  

He also has appeared in the movie named Volcano. Some footages of Smith anchoring the FNC at the time of the opening of Iraq war was used in the movie named Fahrenheit 9/11.

He got married to Virginia Donald who was his classmate at the University of Mississippi nut unfortunately the husband and wife got divorced it the year 1993 with no children. 



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