An American citizen Shelli Poole who is a model, reality TV star as well as an Interior Designer has now been famous after making her appearance in the reality TV show known as Big Brother. She was born as well as raised up in United States. She belongs to an American nationality and she is of White ethnicity. As appearing in the TV show, she has got a huge numbers of fan following and her following has also been grown in her social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

We can also get connected to her through those sites. Poole does not seem to be very much tall in the height but it looks perfect with her very well toned figure. She stands at height of 5feet and 4 inches. She is blessed with a perfect and seductive figure and she has got a long slender, hot and sexy pair of legs. Shelli describes herself as a loyal woman and she believes people very easily. She has established herself as a top contender in the Big Brother in its 17th season and she has also gained a lot of popularity as well as fan following due to that.

Moving on to her personal life biography, there is no information found relation to her personal life. She does not like talking about it in the media. As a result, there is no news about whether she is dating anyone or has any boyfriend or any affair. It is also unsure that whether she has already got married or not. Till now, no any media has been able to retrieve single information about her.

 As she is very beautiful and pretty, any of the guy would want to date her and spend their life with her. But her dating list has not been available anywhere. Despite Shelli has got some of the photos of her with a guy in her social sites, we cannot be sure whether he is her boyfriend or just a friend. She had clearly stated that no any media need to known as well as interfere in her personal life and it is also clear that she does not like anyone to talk about it.

Beautiful Shelli was born in the year 1982 and now, she has reached at the age of 33. She is the native of Marietta, Georgia, United States and at present, she has been residing in Atlanta. As a child, she was born to a middle class family. Her parents were teachers. Her mother used to teach school level whereas her father was University lecturer. Shelli was born as the middle child among the five children to her parents. In addition to that, she also has a twin sister who is just couple of minutes older than her.

 They were grown up together in their home. After growing up, Shelli went to get her education from the local school. Later, she got enrolled at the University of Atlanta from where she studied designing. After completion of her course, Shelli began her own business and then later joined the Big Brother show and after that, she became more popular. 



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