Sharbat Gula wiki, bio, now, Afghan Girl

Sharbat Gula is an Afghan girl who name means sweet waster flower girl. He is also known as the First World’s Third World Mona Lisa. Despite her name was unknown, he picture titled as “Afghan Girl” was appeared on June 1985 cover of the National Geographic. The picture of her face with the red scarf draped loosely over her head as well as her piercing sea green colored eyes staring directly in the camera became the symbol of1980s Afghan conflict and of refugee situation worldwide. Her image was named as the most recognized photograph in history of the magazine as well as its cover itself is one of the most famous of National Geographic.

Gula is of Pashtun ethnicity. Her parents were killed during Soviet Union’s bombing of the Afghanistan. At that time, she was around six years old. She along with her grandmother, brother as well as sisters walked across mountains to Pakistan and they ended up in Nasir Bagh refugee camp that is located in Pakistan in 1984. To talk about her personal life biography, Sharbat Gula has already married. She is married to her husband named Rahmat Gul. At that time, she was between ages of 13-16. After marriage, she returned to her village in mid 1990s. She also had three daughters together with her husband and their fourth child was dead while she was infant.

The team of National Geographic travelled to the Afghanistan in January of 2002 for locating subject of photograph that had remained in public mind for so long. She was then located by the team in remote region of Afghanistan. Her identify was confirmed by John Daughman by using Irish recognition. Gula has been photographer on three occasions. Sharbat has never seen her famous portrayed before it was shown to her in January of the year 2002. Apart from that, Gula’s exact age is not known. More details that are related to her biography can also be obtained from several of the internet sites. 

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